1)Wear Behavior of Al-Si-Cu-Mg Alloy Reinforced with Silicon Carbide Download Abstract

2)Embedded Controller based Automatic scheduling system for Residential Micro Grid Download Abstract

3)Automated diagnosis of various dental cysts using Soft Computing Techniques Download Abstract

4)Multi Carrier system - OFDM Download Abstract

5)Enhanced throughput and delay constained in Adhoc networks with Human Mobility using cluster head Download Abstract

6)Heat transfer Analysis on double pipe heat exchanger,Madhur Raj Krishna Download Abstract

7)Impact of Low Voltage Ride Through Issues in Grid Connected Wind Turbine Driven Squirrel Cage Induction Generator Download Abstract

8)Demand side power management for PV/Battery using linear programming method Download Abstract

9)Uplink and downlink resource allocation to improve QOS for cognitive radio networks Download Abstract

10)Vignetting elimination and performance improvement in MIMO optical wireless systems Download Abstract

11) Adaptive LMS filtering for life threatening arrhythmias ECG signals and classification Using Neuro SVM Download Abstract

12)Implementation of cooperative tracking and position detection for non gps mobiles using bluetooth towers and gps mobiles Download Abstract

13)Design and implementation of A novel multilevel inverter for switched DC sources Download Abstract

14)Secure communication in dynamic wireless sensor network using certificate authority scheme Download Abstract

15)Design and implementation of high step-up interleaved converter conjoined PV system Download Abstract

16)Finger print registration algorithm for detection and rectification of distorted fingerprint Download Abstract

17)Node misbehavior detection using overheating and autonomous agent by ECC algorithm in wireless Adhoc network Download Abstract

18)Smart data usage through device to device social networking application Download Abstract

19)Supporting semantic search using ontology and RDF based repositiry Download Abstract

20)Devices for monitoring lung functions and surroundings for Asthma patients Download Abstract

21)Spectral efficiency trade off in cooperative DAS using higher order 256 QAM-OFDM Download Abstract

22)Power quality improvement by facts controller for isolated operation of PSWG variable-speed WTGS Download Abstract

23)Idenification of skin lesion descriptions using feature extraction method Download Abstract

24)Automated health assessment system using radio frequency identifier Download Abstract

25)Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease in Segmented Neuroimages using Deep Learning Download Abstract

26)Low voltage Re-RAM- based non-volatile Flip-Flop Design Download Abstract

27)Lung Nodule classification and detection using SVM classifier Download Abstract

28)Introducing an Offset Shift Keying(OSK) in digital Communication systems Download Abstract

29)Performance Analysis and Implementation of Modified SDM based NoC for MPSoC on Spartan6 FPGA Download Abstract

30)Feature Extraction and segmentation based on Salient region matching Download Abstract

31)Challenges and issues in short term student engagement Download Abstract

32)Semantic Web Mining from twitter using Grid Factorization for multiple treatments in Medicare Download Abstract

33)An efficient range -based multi-tier storage management for scalable data store Download Abstract

34)Modified FCM clustering based segmentation of brain tumor cells Download Abstract

35)Closed loop control of Re lift type luo converter using PI and sliding mode controller Download Abstract

36)A secure image based authentication for de-duplication in cloud computing Download Abstract

37)Voltage source converter for autonomous wind energy conversion system Download Abstract

38)Analysis and design of solar power fed DC-DC SEPIC converter Download Abstract

39) A cloud - based system for integration and analytics in electronic health record(EHR) Download Abstract

40)Adaptive disc segmentation and sparse code classification for glaucoma screening Download Abstract

41)Comparing atlist vulnerability detection tool for webservice using bench mark approach Download Abstract

42)Bidirectional power flow controller for reactive power compensation using fuzzy logic technique Download Abstract

43)Smart helmet with voice command system and miniature display Download Abstract

44)Parameter finding for case study on environmental degradation due to industrial pollution in vellore,tamil nadu, India using remote sensing and gis techniques Download Abstract

45)Reduction of THD using Flip-Flops in single phase voltage source rectifier Download Abstract

46)Dynamic policy update with access control for data stored in cloud Download Abstract

47)Study on healing behaviour of polyurethene in M20 grade concrete Download Abstract

48)Fiber optic interface for respiration measurement Download Abstract

49)Geographical Infuence and point-of-interest based service recommendation Download Abstract

50)Skin lesion analysis for melanoma detection using Markov random field Download Abstract

51)A fully automatic liver segmentation method based on stochastic partitions Download Abstract

52)Extraction and characterisation of Banana NanoFiber reinforced Composites Download Abstract

53)Extraction of data in a Unifying framework from the clustered location in time to time data updation Download Abstract

54)An EEG based Brain-Computer interface for classification of Epilepsy disorder Download Abstract

55)Health care monitoring for the cardiac vascular disease detection for fetal ECG Download Abstract

56)Identification of stress from ECG signal using PNN & HMM techniques Download Abstract

57)An efficient CBIR using optimized texture,color and shade based features Download Abstract

58)Testing of feedback bridging fault in sequential circuits Download Abstract

59)Survey Paper on Detection of replication code in java Download Abstract

60)Design and implementation of an efficient reconfigrable root raised cosine filter Download Abstract

61)Sensor based dam gate controlling with high level protection Download Abstract

62)An allusive study of perturb and observe technique and the hill climbing algorithm supplying a brushless DC motor drive Download Abstract

63)Tampering detection in the digital image using illumination color estimator Download Abstract

64)Automatic ration material distribution based on GSM and RFID technology Download Abstract

65)Error detection of S-Box for false alarm sensitive cryptographic application Download Abstract

66)Design of FM0/Manchester encoding and decoding using sols technique Download Abstract

67)Pragmatic approach for record proposal using root word abstraction and association Download Abstract

68)Global auditing for dynamic data with multiple user repudiation Download Abstract

69)Effective image retrieval using halftoning based block truncation coding Download Abstract

70)Enhancing web exploration usability, Download Abstract

71)Analysis of static eccentricity fault in induction motor drive using finite element method Download Abstract

72)Fabrication and mechanical properties of fly ash filled fiber epoxy composites Download Abstract

73)Effective Utilization of Cloud Resources by Virtual Machine Migration and Cache Mechanism Download Abstract

74)Feasibility study on generation of BioElectricity using Microbial fuel cell from wastewater Download Abstract

75)Guaranteed Upgradation of Intense Networks Using Probabilistic Graph Modeling (PGM) Download Abstract

76)Teritiary treatment of tannery of waste water using Electrochemical oxidation Download Abstract

77)C-HSTC For high quality broadband connections in high speed trains Download Abstract

78)3P Location Liberated Coverage for Secure Message Transmission in VANET-Cloud, Download Abstract

79)A study on a complete game testing with its approaches, scenarios and methods, Download Abstract

80)Automated vessel segmentation using Ipachi filter with application to retinal images Download Abstract

81) Efficient and secure high definition image transformation Download Abstract

82)Effective data access control for multiauthority cloud storage systems Download Abstract

83)Robust Twitch of Content Delivery Using Novel Spatio - Temporal Correlation And HEVC Bitstream Semantics Download Abstract

84)Deniable Attribute Based Encryption: An Efficient And Provably Audit-Free Realization For Cloud Storage Download Abstract

85)EOG Based wheel chair control and smart home for paralyzed person Download Abstract

86)Mechanical properties analysis of Nylon 6 Nano fibre/E-glass fibre reinforced epoxy composites Download Abstract

87)Weighted cooperation aware CMAC protocol for longevity of network lifetime and security in MANET Download Abstract

88)Privacy Similarity Based Text Retrieval Through Blind Storage Preserving Download Abstract

89)Realization of the functions of Autonomic Smart Sensor Interface for industrial in Iot environment Download Abstract

90)An Efficient Approach for Data Transmission Using Access Point in MSN Download Abstract

91)Secure information in social network using cryptographic techniques Download Abstract

92)Three-Phase PWM Rectifier Direct Power Control Based on Natural Switching Surface Download Abstract

93)Private Cloud Setup Using Openstack Download Abstract

94)Performance estimation of SVL technique based DRAM cell in 0.12Ám technology Download Abstract

95)Kinesics controlled manipulator Download Abstract

96)Fabrication and testing of natural fiber (Sisal - human hair) hybrid composite Download Abstract

97)Recognition of patterns and text written on costumes for optically challenged humanity Download Abstract

98)Effect of coupling agent on mechanical properties of palm petiole nanofiber reinforced composite Download Abstract

99)Automated Assessment Of Diabetic Footulcer Using Mean- Shift Algorithm, Download Abstract

100)Screening of Glaucoma With cup to Disc Ratio Download Abstract

101)Experimental analysis of mechanical charateristics on Kenaf-hair reinforced composites Download Abstract

102)Support Tracking On Smart Phones Using Location Based Profile Settings-TRB Download Abstract

103)Harvesting IOT in digital agriculture Download Abstract

104)Integration of Big Data & Cloud Computing to detect black money rotation with Range - Aggregate Queries Download Abstract

105)Change policy:Dynamic policy update with access control stored in big data for cloud Download Abstract

106)Low cost IoT based weather monitoring and automated irrigation controller for Large Scale Farming Applications Download Abstract

107)Friction and wear characteristics of polylactic acid prepared by additive manufacturing method Download Abstract

108)HCJS:Concurrent job scheduling to hadoop Download Abstract

109)Mathematical modeling of machining force during end milling of Hybrid FRP composites through RSM Download Abstract

110)Security Enhancements for WSN Using Group ID Based Trust Management Download Abstract

111)Spatio Temporal Hashtag clustering using Named Entity Recognition in Twitter Download Abstract

112)Monitoring real time data and secure retrieval for telemedicine systems Download Abstract

113)Adaptive multiscale contrast enhancement based on characteristics of the human visual system Download Abstract

> 114)Design of High capacity, reliable and efficient core WAN network using DWDM network Download Abstract

115)Analysis, Design and Fabrication of erosion protection shield for reheater tubes Download Abstract

116)TSVM based Ontology for RDF Data Download Abstract

117)Remote authentication via biometrics: A Steganographic mechanism using secure force algorithm Download Abstract

118)Zero Touch Interface: An Advanced Ideological Approach To Human-Computer Interactions Download Abstract

119)Segmentation of EDEMA and tumor in brain using edge detection and deep Neural Networks Download Abstract

120)Efficient Resource Management In Cloud Computing Using Green Control Algorithm Download Abstract

121)Finding experts for knowledge sharing in global environment Download Abstract

122)Localitics:Information dissemination on a SAN inspired by ABC Download Abstract

123)A Comparative Analysis On The Suitability Of The Dual-Polarized Microstrip Antennas For Broadband Applications Download Abstract

124)Super Smart Trolley Download Abstract

125)Urban town Planning Download Abstract

126)Real-Time City-Scale Taxi Ridesharing Download Abstract

127)Personalized Web Search Using Privacy Protection System Download Abstract

128)Design and analysis of multilayer microstrip patch antenna for digital audio radio services Download Abstract

129)Identifying the Original Product using NFC with Smart Phone Download Abstract

130)Design diversity implementation against SLA violations using Web Services Download Abstract

131)Slot based multiple group key management for secure multicast network Download Abstract

132)Energy efficient strategy for heterogeneous virtual machine in cloud Download Abstract

133)Privacy Preservation Based on Shared Authority Accessing in Cloud Download Abstract

134)Resource Provisioning For Ensuring Qos In Cloud Computing Environments Download Abstract

135)Efficient media streaming service in cloud computing with future resource prediction Download Abstract

136)Abnormality Analysis of Lungs Using External Parameters of Gross Segmentation and Stage Classification Download Abstract

137)LBC-DDU Framework Mobile Data Collection using Priority based BiSenCar in Wireless Sensor Networks Download Abstract

138)A transparent distributed system in wireless communication Download Abstract

139)Transmission of 40GHz in DWDM Passive Optical Network with FBG using 100km of Single Mode Fiber Download Abstract

140)Flip flop with aging failure in nanometer digital circuits Download Abstract

141)Lifetime maximization of Wireless Sensor Networks through the integration of WSN-MCC by incorporating Location Based Sleep Scheduling Download Abstract

142)Video Image Scene Recognition using Multispectral fusion approach Download Abstract

143)Image retrieval by the method of active learning with relevance feedback Download Abstract

144)Real Time Vehicle Tracking System Using Arduino,P.Rajesh kumar UG students Download Abstract

145)Dictionary based speech enhancement and recognition using modified mel frequency cepstrum coefficients algorithm Download Abstract

146)Hazardous gas detecting coal mine robot Download Abstract

147)Human voice based control of home appliances Download Abstract

148)A Comparative study on mechanical properties of reinforced bricks and its applications Download Abstract

149)Performance Evaluation of BNMF using Template-based approach for Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Speech Download Abstract

150)Segmentation of 3-D retinal layer in both Normal and Diseased retinal images by passing disease-specific diagnosis method Download Abstract

151)Using Google Cardboard To Enhance Augmented Reality Experience For Mobile Devices Download Abstract

152)FPGA Based photovoltaic efficient energy management with reversible off-the-grid power supply Download Abstract

153)Analysis And Classification Of Voice Using SVM And RBFNN In Person Whose Dentures Replaced Download Abstract

154)Pulsed latch batch based low power and area effective shift register Download Abstract

155)Ultra high performance concrete girder,Ms.D.Vinutha Assistant Professor Download Abstract

156)A study of increment of fuel injection efficient engine Download Abstract

157)Experimental investigation of self healing behaviour in OPC and GGBS concrete Download Abstract

158)Dexter- a multi functional voice companion using Raspberry PI Download Abstract

159)Experimental investigation on the effect of bond-slip behaviour of steel rebars in concrete Download Abstract

160)Backpressure with Adaptive Redundancy Mechanism for Networks in Overload Download Abstract

161)Resource Allocation in QoS Scheduling for IEEE 802.16 Systems Download Abstract

162)Wind energy power and uniterrupted power supply Download Abstract

163)Low Power Broadband CMOS Stacked RF Power Amplier for Wideband Envelope Tracking Download Abstract

164)Prevention of eavesdropping in network security using quantum key generation algorithm Download Abstract

165)Optimization and Data Transmission in Restaurant Using Virtual Reality Download Abstract

166)Black Box on Earth- an Ad Hoc Based Flight Data Recorder at Ground Server Stations Download Abstract

167)Design of drone to monitor environmental degradation Download Abstract

168)Optimal power dispatch of microgrids using particle swarm optimization (PSO) approach Download Abstract

169)Age Prediction using Heart Rate Variability Analysis Download Abstract

170)Smart Evidence Sender A Device to monitor crimes Download Abstract

171)Design of Low Power 16-bit SRAM using CNTFET for Cache Memory Download Abstract

172)Implementation of low cost low frequency oscilloscope using pic micro controller Download Abstract

173)Broadcasting Dally-Constrained Congestion Over Undependable Wireless Connections with Network Coding Download Abstract

174)Virtual voice for speech impaired people using MEMs and flex sensors Download Abstract

175)Robust part based hand gesture recognition using Embedded System Download Abstract

176)Fake biometric detection using image quality assessment Download Abstract

177)H5 bridge transformer-less inverter with emc filter using SPWM technique Download Abstract

178)Collision avoidance in vehicles using Ultrasonic sensors Download Abstract

179)Radiograph - REED,R.M.Alagu kumarappan UG Scholar Download Abstract

180)FPGA implementation of wireless crytosystem in SDR based FTS Download Abstract

181)Security and Privacy in Vanets by enhancing IBV through DSRC Download Abstract

182)Fatigue life estimation of double lap bolted joint Download Abstract

183)Enhancement of mechanical properties of 16MnCr5 low alloy steel through carbonitribing process Download Abstract

184)Investigating the mechanical properties of similar/dissimilar friction welded joints of AISI 202 and 16MnCr5 low alloy steel Download Abstract

185)Extraction of water using activated alumina balls Download Abstract

186)Intelligent system for monitoring and controlling of the grain condition based on Arduino Download Abstract

187)Journey of shale oil exploration in india, Ashutosh kumar,Sumit karn, 2nd year Petroleum Engineering Download Abstract

188)Hybrid sources supported hybrid electric vehicle in control with ZETA Download Abstract

189)Model of aircraft direction by using RSSI in WSN Download Abstract

190)An Effective Classifier for Thyroid Disease Diagnosis Download Abstract

191)Enhanced ID-Based CPP Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Download Abstract

192)Home automation using Arduino Download Abstract

193)Failure Investigations and Reliability Evaluation of Dumpers through FMECA(A Case Study of Dumpers at SCCL, Ramagundam) Download Abstract

194)Personalized Recommendation of Web Pages using Individual and Potential User's Interest Download Abstract

195)IOT based non-invasive acquisition of health parameters Download Abstract

196)Study of coir fibre reinforced bituminous mixes with anti-stripping agent Download Abstract

197)An offline query search over MANET through SIOT Download Abstract

198)IC tester using pic microcontroller Download Abstract

199)A Novel multiband Antenna Download Abstract

200)Randomly exchanging key for matching network systems Download Abstract

201)Experimental investigation of granite powder with partial replacement of fine aggregate Download Abstract

202)Invariant Increased-throughput Multi-hop Protocol for Link competence in Wireless Body Area Networks Download Abstract

203)Location Estimation Based on Linear and Nonlinear Algorithms Using TDOAN Download Abstract

204)Performance analysis for V-Blast MIMO systems under different channel conditions with various equalization techniques Download Abstract

205)Extraction of renal calculi from ultrasound kidney images Download Abstract

206)Study on performance evaluation of sandy soil using various admixtures Download Abstract

207)Amelioration of urban planning with Intergration of traffic simulation to chaotic traffic environments Download Abstract

208)Conversion of handwritten text into softcopy Download Abstract

209)Detection and prevention of cancer using data mining Download Abstract

210)Automatic Segmentation and Feature Extraction of Dermoscopic Images Download Abstract

211)Corrosion inspection of pipeline networks by using digital image Processing Download Abstract

212)Onion protocol implementation for reliable routing and inter hop verification in wireless sensor Download Abstract

213)Design and Implementation of FIR Filter based Low Power Dadda Multipliers Download Abstract

214)Efficiently Controlling Aging Effects In Multipliers Using Modified Booth Algorithm Download Abstract

215)MEMS based piezoelectric energy harvester Download Abstract

216)Secure Video Watermarking using Discrete Wavelet Transform Download Abstract

217)Multi-exposure image fusion using homomorphic filter Download Abstract

218)Motion Detection for Object Tracking System Download Abstract

219)Improvising gain of the microstrip patch antenna using PBG Download Abstract

220)A three dimensional digital terrain modeling for military applications Download Abstract

221)Priority based selection of secondary user for spectrum sharing in cognitive radio Download Abstract

222)Digital Image Protection against Tampering and Self Recovery with High Image Quality using Efficient Watermarking Algorithm Download Abstract

223)Using of Jaccard Index for Catchwords Similarity Values Download Abstract

224)Tertiary treatment of textile wastewater using electrochemical oxidation Download Abstract

225)Studies on the treatment of surface water using natural coagulants Download Abstract

226)Liquefaction of composite kitchen waste for the enhancement of biogas production Download Abstract

227)Bioethanol production from dairy wastewater by dark fermentation Download Abstract

228)Prediction of natural frequency based on Bearing Stiffness variation In High Speed Spindle Download Abstract

229)Damage Detection In Structural Plate Using Spatial Data And Wavelet Transform Download Abstract

230)Crack detection in turbine blades using Spatial data & Signal processing Download Abstract

231) The techno wear-a guide for the visually challenged Download Abstract

232)Hydrodynamic Modelling of Pulicat Lake - A Case Study Download Abstract

233)A secure audio file (mp3) authentication scheme for distributed mobile cloud computing services Download Abstract

234)Merging VANET with cloud computing on software defined network Download Abstract

235)Line break analyzer Download Abstract

236)A novel dual authentication protocol based on kerberos in cloud Download Abstract

237)Survey Paper on Object tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks Download Abstract

238)Experimental study on flexural behavior of composite beam using shear studs Download Abstract

239)Content based image retrieval using relevance feedback Download Abstract

240)RHadoop Analytics for Polarity Cataloging on SNS Download Abstract

241)Routing Attacks and Their Defenses for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Internet of Things (IoT) Download Abstract

242)Dual Power Generating Micro Turbine Download Abstract

243)Experimental investigation of solar PV cell coated by electroless plating method Download Abstract

244)Design of Pre-Engineered Building for an Aircraft Hangar Download Abstract

245)Heuristic technique over semantically secured encrypted data Download Abstract

246)Mobile application to consolidate government benefits along with campus management system Download Abstract

247)An approach to perform secure encrypted data using multi- keyword ranked search scheme Download Abstract

248)A Novel Meta-Heuristic Search Optimization Algorithm Based on butterfly behavior Download Abstract

249)Digital profiling based attacker behaviour analysis Download Abstract

250)Mitigation approach for maintanance of service during high rate and low rate DDoS attack Download Abstract

251)Power management system using hybrid AC/DC Micro-Grid Download Abstract

252)Secure route selection and intruder identification of vehicular AD-Hoc network Download Abstract

253)Design of Pre Engineered Steel Industrial Building and Guidelines for Erection Download Abstract

254)Construction and working of a Cartesian robot based on vision as input Download Abstract

255)Numerical Investigation of Co-flow Characteristics with Truncated Chevron Nozzle Download Abstract

256)An Electronic Label Reading Aid for The Visually Impaired Download Abstract

257)Enhanced ID-Based CPP Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Download Abstract

258)Duplicate Record Detection Using Neural Networks Download Abstract

259) Detection of unspecified emergencies using controlled information sharing Download Abstract

260)The VIBE Stick-A modular cane stick for the blind Download Abstract

261)Design of Neutral Point Potential Regulator for NPC Inverter fed Induction Motor Download Abstract

262)Design of content-addressable memory (CAM) using differential matchline sense Amplifier (DMLSA) Download Abstract

263)FSA in the Pattern of Modern Tamil Grammar Checker in NLP Download Abstract

264)FinFET Based Low Power Content Addressable Memory Download Abstract

265) Relay selection improves the security-reliability trade-off in cognitive radio systems Download Abstract

266)Android based effective patient and doctor communication application with voice recognition Download Abstract

267)Design and implementation of intelligent smart home control systems based on pic microcontroller Download Abstract

268) Post layout simulation and analysis of 10-bit low power pipelined ADC Download Abstract

269)An efficient way of compressing motion pictures in cctv videos Download Abstract

270)Structural health monitoring of bridges using cost-effective 1-axis accelerometers Download Abstract

271)Enhanced vision of hazy images using improved depth estimation and color analysis Download Abstract

272)Analysis of different composite field architecture for substitution box in advanced encryption standard Download Abstract

273)Design and application of voc monitoring system based on high efficient wireless sensor network Download Abstract

274)Level based privacy and access model for health care records in cloud Download Abstract

275)Secure big data storage of cipher text using proxy re-encryption Download Abstract

276)Ecofriendly data transmission in visible light communication Download Abstract

277)Tracking android mobile using anti-larceny application Download Abstract

278)Medassist Download Abstract

279)Conversion of waste plastics into a fuel resource using automation Download Abstract

280)Design of lithium sulphur battery and pv system for a micro grid Download Abstract

281)Recommendation system based on clustering and collaborative filtering Download Abstract

282)Novel conformal patch antenna Download Abstract

283)Qos-aware energy-efficient resource allocation in wireless communication Download Abstract

284)Detection of toxic gases using arduino and gsm network Download Abstract

285)Analyzing and deploying the data streaming in big data feature selection process using ACO Download Abstract

286)Andriod based application for wireless control of wheelchair Download Abstract

287)Design and simulation of function generator prototype by additive, subtractive manufacturing and programming Download Abstract

288)ZVS bidirectional llc resonant converter for charging and discharging batteries by fuzzy logic controller Download Abstract

289)Modified design of FFT Download Abstract

290)Comparative study of network topology in NOC Download Abstract

291)Extraction of renal calculi from ultrasound kidney images Download Abstract

292)Automatic antenna positioning system Download Abstract

293)Gsm based induction motor fault identifier Download Abstract

294)Spatial modulation for 4g wireless systems Download Abstract

295)Water pipeline leakage detection using wireless sensor network Download Abstract

296)Tester using pic microcontroller Download Abstract

297)Android based ticket booking Download Abstract

298)Simulation and comparison of spectrum sensing techniques in cognitive radio network Download Abstract

299)User authentication using graphical password-captcha technique Download Abstract

300)Influence of granite powder and polymer based admixture on compressive behavior of m40 grade concrete Download Abstract

301)Efficient data communication and frequency reuse in manet Download Abstract

302)A study of the variability of speech parameters with age Download Abstract

303)Emotion detection from speech Download Abstract

304)Abnormal event detection using content based video retrieval Download Abstract

305)Comparative study of various controllers used for speed control of dc motor Download Abstract

306)Detection and analysis of skin cancer using wavelet techniques Download Abstract

307)Design of effective polyphase implementation structure for lth-band fir filter Download Abstract

308)Detection of toxic gases using arduino and gsm network Download Abstract